Rune Factory: Frontier (Wii)

Rune Factory: Frontier (Wii)
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Expert review door : D+PAD Staff (

Rune Factory: Frontier


As someone who's recently waved goodbye to Dorset and taken up residence in the sprawling concrete maze that is London, the pastoral delights of Rune Factory: Frontier come as a welcome addition to my new field-free existence. Its rolling green...

But it’s a big, hefty package that, given enough time to settle, becomes unique and compulsive. I’m no great lover of the Harvest Moon series, but Rune Factory manages to succeed by adding in additional layers of complexity and impetus that help shape...


Expert review door : Dan Pearson (

Rune Factory Frontier Review | Wii


Agricultural revolution.

Rune Factory is a deceptive little bugger. It's a Harvest Moon spin-off, and to the casual observer it must resemble a pretty little farming game with a bit of colourful monster-bashing, which means it frightens away most of the audience who would...


Expert review door : Shawn Vermette (

Rune Factory Frontier


Rune Factory Frontier is the first game Neverland Co. has made for the Wii. Despite this, it is one of the best Wii games I've had the pleasure of playing since I bought my Wii three years ago. It's clear that Neverland put a lot of time and effort...


Expert review door : Siou Choy (

Rune Factory: Frontier


The third installment of the Rune Factory series continues the adventures of the poorly named “Raguna,” a young boy suffering from a convenient loss of memory. When we pick up the action (such as it is), he is befriended by a rather strange girl named...

A plethora of marriage prospects…such as they may be ; As a modification to the pastoral RPG genre, the gamer is allowed to move through the game at their own individual pace – there doesn’t appear to be a strict timeline or storyline that needs to be...

Pacing can be downright glacial ; Voice acting basically blows (when utilized in the first place) ; Can you say “a-ni-muhl CRAW-sing

To speak in anthropomorphic terms (as if the game were an actual entity, and not the product of a few weeks’ work by a team of developers), Rune Factory: Frontier can’t seem to make up its mind whether it wants to be a farming RPG, Animal Crossing, or...


Expert review door : Falcon (

Rune Factory Frontier Review


Rune Factory Frontier is the first installment of Rune Factory that was released on the Wii. However, anyone who has ever played a Harvest Moon title will be familiar with ...

Overall Rune Factory Frontier is a great game for Harvest Moon fans. However, it is not so great for fans of dungeon crawlers because it isn’t anything like what you may expect from an RPG.


Expert review door : Matthew Castle (

Rune Factory: Frontier


Turnips: the Final Frontier. Will you boldly go?

Lovely art design ; Hypnotically engrossing activities ; Great mix of farming and heart-breaking

Still no camera control ; Repetitive chores ; Doesn't add much to the DS original

Like the best fantasy, Frontier does exciting. Unlike the best fantasy, it still understands the appeal of the relaxing. Never demanding one or the other, but particularly brilliant with both, this is a great addition to a series, eclipsing Wii's...


Expert review door : Steven Marsh (

Rune Factory: Frontier


XSEED's "Rune Factory: Frontier" is the most enjoyable game of it's type thus far.

Fantastic visual style ; Soundtrack adapts to the situation perfectly ; Combat is seamless and doesn't feel out of place ; Controls are very simple and tight ; So much stuff to do, you could call this game an endless experience

Finding out how to obtain certain things can be nerve wracking

I highly recommend this game to anyone with time to kill and a craving for some serious variation. There's a whole lot to do in this game and it's sure to last you an extremely long time.


Expert review door : Martin Murphy (

Rune Factory: Frontier


While many millions of people are wasting away their life on social game Farmville, many of us have been there, done that with the master of the farming sim, Harvest Moon. Ahh, Harvest Moon, whenever one of these delights come out I instantly think of...

Enchanting and addictive game play ; Great characters ; Lengthy game ; So much to see and do

Very slow start ; No hand holding here ; Stamina and combat can be frustrating

When the work is out of the way, there's plenty to do and buy around town, as well as a love interest to find. There are several choices on offer, each one a challenge to win over, with replay potential if you want to experience them all. If you want,...

Expert review door (

Rune Factory Frontier


Family Friendly Gaming |

Expert review door : T.J. Deci (

Rune Factory: Frontier


Rune Factory: Frontier is a character-driven, farm-based life simulation game, similar to its stylistic forebear Harvest Moon, but takes place in a fantasy land of magic and monsters, similar to a traditional console role-playing game. Players set out to