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alaTest heeft 49 reviews verzameld en geanalyseerd voor Conduit 2- Wii. De gemiddelde beoordeling voor dit product is 3.5/5, vergeleken met een gemiddelde beoordeling van 3.8/5 voor andere Wii Games. Gebruikers waarderen de controls zeer maar hebben twijfels over het verhaal. De gameplay is ook indrukwekkend.

multi player, single player, vormgeving, gameplay, controls

verhaal, AI

We hebben de consumenten- en expertbeoordelingen, de leeftijd van het product en andere factoren geanalyseerd. Vergeleken met andere Wii Games krijgt de Conduit 2- Wii een alaScore™ van 91/100 = Uitstekend.

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Expert review door : Patrick Shaw (

Conduit 2 review


Why are we posting a review to a game that came out over 2 weeks ago? Well, we never received an early review build of Conduit 2, which pushed back this review and made me wonder whether it was a deliberate attempt to delay bad press for a game they...

Conduit 2 fails to significantly improve on its lacklustre predecessor. Come for the cheesy sci-fi story, but leave before the imprecise gameplay drives you to distraction.


Expert review door : Allison Bates (

Conduit 2 on Revolution


Though the Wii is certainly a good console in many respects, it isn't exactly the go-to gaming machine for fans of original first-person shooters. Although it houses ports of popular FPS titles from other systems and does have some worthwhile titles in...

When playing Conduit 2, it's difficult not to judge the game for what it is in the face of what it would have been with just a bit more bug testing. The frequent glitches, crashes, and spoiled save files seriously hinder gameplay, making it difficult...


Expert review door : Sean Colleli (

Conduit 2


Back in 2009, a small independent studio called High Voltage Software decided to buck the trend of minigames and fitness simulators and make an honest to goodness first person shooter on the Wii. That shooter was The Conduit, an old fashioned success...

Conduit 2 is a good example of a sequel done right: it's an evolution of the previous game with a multitude of major improvements. With a bolder, brasher single player game, for better or worse, and a far more robust multiplayer mode, Conduit 2 isn't...


Expert review door : Joe Sinicki (

Conduit 2


The team at High Voltage software are pushing the limits of the Wii with Conduit 2. While the world design isn't phenomenal, it's pretty impressive. There are a few graphical issues, like frame rate issues, but it's mostly impressive.

I'd love to see a cheat for unlimited cash for the in game store along with the other basic cheats like unlimited health, teleport and unlimited ammo. I'd also really like to see an cheat or unlockable to play as John Adams...cause how badass is that?


Expert review door : Rasher (

Conduit 2 Wii Review


Conduit 2 is the sequel to The Conduit, a hugely successful title on the Wii. The game itself has stuck to the roots of the original by keeping the game to a FPS genre and also keeping the player in the same shoes as last time by keeping the original...

Laughable Plot ; Over the top weapons ; Looks great for a Wii game ; Still the same great control scheme of the original ; Lots of hidden extras

Multiplayer feels you wanting more ; Dodgy AI ; Ending feels rushed


Expert review door : Chris Wigham (

Conduit 2 Wii Review


Many lived in hope that Wii's The Conduit would be a real contender to rival the heavyweight FPS games on other consoles, although it just wasn't to be. What it did do was show off how well an FPS game can play on the Wii, with a vast number of control...

The multiplayer options are definitely Conduit 2’s strongest portion, as the blandness of the single player campaign does bring it down somewhat. There’s nothing truly dreadful about it, but it's hardly a campaign that will live long in the memory....


Expert review door : Downtown Jimmy (

Conduit 2 (Wii) Review


Needing a reason to blow that dust off your Wii? Well, look no further, the follow-up the Wii exclusive shooter 'The Conduit' has arrived.

Wii exclusive shooter, I'm in ; Sharp gameplay that keeps up a good pace ; Controls are extremely flexible ; Wii multiplayer, nuff' said

Alien/Human conflict has been done to death ; Some frame-rate stutters ; Although it's entertaining, the game is a little short ; A.I. Isn't too bright

If you're into traditional styled shooters, the verdict is an easy one. Starved owners of a Wii the Conduit 2 is a solid buy. Even with its shortcomings, you will find some fun hidden with its alien escapades. The online component, although generic,...


Expert review door : Brandon Hofer (

Conduit 2 ? Review


Conduit 2 was recently released on the Wii and it picks up right where the original left off. ??For those who aren???t familiar with the Conduit series it is a FPS series for the ???hardcore??? that is also a Wii exclusive. ??You assume the role of...


Expert review door : Brandon "Destroyer" Cackowski-Schnell (

Conduit 2 Review


Change for the worse.

Lots of game modes, multiplayer currency earned in single player, no Friend Code nonsense

Jokes fall flat, story full of cliches, multiplayer feels very slow, incomprehensible ending

Brandon Cackowski-Schnell is a regular contributor to GameShark and is the cohost of Jumping the Shark ,'s official podcast and co-founder of No High Scores.


Expert review door : Jorge B (

Conduit 2


When you ponder the Wii line-up, you probably imagine bold, bright and joyful palettes, action adventuring, platforming, party games, RPGs and the range for the casuals. Shooting games, one of the more obvious genres that could benefit from the Wii...